1: Data Science, Interdisciplinary Research, and the Problem of the Humanities with Wesley Wildman

In this episode of the podcast, Seth interviews Dr. Wesley Wildman. Wesley is a Professor of Philosophy, Theology, and Ethics. He is one of the founding faculty members of Boston University’s new Faculty of Computing and Data Sciences. He also serves as the executive director and chairman of the board for the Center for Mind and Culture.


Seth talks to Wesley about the history of the Center for Mind and Culture and about CMAC’s unique approach to problems that could benefit from both humanities and scientific methods. They discuss their hopes that CMAC has for training scholars to work across subject boundaries and to work in teams. They talk about Boston University’s new Faculty of Computing and Data Sciences, a university initiative that cuts across disciplines to try to apply data sciences to every discipline that has an interest. Finally, they talk about their motivations for developing a podcast like DIGETHIX. The key questions for this episode are: how can we better educate researchers to tackle the complicated problems that we face today? Are there ways in which the university system itself may need to be adapted?