Conversations on our technological future

DIGETHIX explores urgent problems in digital technologies today.

Digital Ethics is a public education and communication project within the Center for Mind and Culture that fosters discussions on the ethics of computing and data-science technologies.


The project consists of the DigEthix podcast, online spaces for public discussion, case studies for classrooms, and curricula for industry professionals and academic classes. We aim to bridge the gap between thought leaders and practitioners by surfacing and analyzing the positive and negative experiences of those involved in creating and using digital decision tools, systems, methods, and data.


The goal of the DigEthix podcast is to promote high-level, practical ethical analysis through conversations with scholars and industry experts, particularly through in-depth discussions of real-world case studies. While there are other podcasts that focus on technology, computer science, and social media trends, DigEthix is unique in its focus on cases. The podcast aims to discuss these cases in-depth, outlining how particular problems occurred and figuring out how to avoid those problems in the future. Because the topics discussed affect most of society, the podcast strives to be as accessible as possible in its presentation of ideas.