About DigEthix

DIGETHIX is a public education and communications project aimed at enhancing the level of public discourse around issues involving technology and ethics. The project is conducted under the Center for Mind and Culture (CMAC).


What is CMAC?

The Center for Mind and Culture, Inc. (CMAC) is a non-profit organization in Boston, Massachusetts dedicated to non-partisan research. CMAC’s network of expert researchers tackles complex social problems such as social integration of immigrants and refugees, religious self-radicalization, spiraling suicide rates, illegal child trafficking, ethical risks of digital data and computer algorithms.

CMAC is unique in using interdisciplinary teams of experts. Teams employ computational models, data analytics, historical interpretation, philosophical analysis of concepts and other methods to generate practical answers to the host of challenges confronting us. CMAC researchers rely on extensive collaboration to implement this leading-edge research, training, and public education.

More information about CMAC can be found here: mindandculture.org