A Campus with ChatGPT: The Ethics Behind AI Text Generation in Education

Expert philosopher and ethicist shares his thoughts on the ethics and pedagogy of AI text generation in the educational process, discussing how school systems should handle the integration of ChatGPT in classrooms.

BU Experts / March 22, 2023


It’s no secret that classroom tools and technologies are constantly evolving. Students used to bring a pen and paper to class. Then came the practice of typing lecture notes on laptops and inputting numbers on a calculator. Now, learners type questions and essay prompts into artificial intelligence programs like ChatGPT to understand a dense topic.


Adding to the ongoing thoughts, opinions, and arguments of AI text generation integration in classrooms is Dr. Wesley Wildman. Dr. Wildman specializes in developing policies for handling ChatGPT and other AI text generators in the context of university course assignments. He is a professor of philosophy, theology, and ethics + computing & data sciences at BU’s Center of Computing & Data Sciences and the executive director of the Center for Mind and Culture, where he uses computing and data science methods to address pressing social problems. He recently took to Reddit to host a conversation about managing AI text generation in educational settings, the ethics of using such tools, the risks to academic integrity, and more. The top takeaways from this discussion highlight current sentiments around ChatGPT and draw attention to emerging AI technology.